Exhibition information

Below you will find all important information for the upcoming fair. Read this carefully and follow the rules.

The Dolls’ Houses, Dolls & Miniatures Fair will be held in Bakery 2 in the upcoming edition. The International Minerals Fair will take place in Bakery 1 this weekend. This means that the construction and dismantling will take place via P2.

Construction times:

  • Friday 27 May 2022: 10:00-17:00
    Where: Loading and unloading area P3 at Lange Kleiweg 80
  • Saturday  28 May 2022: 08:00 – 09:45
    Where: Loading and unloading area P3 at Lange Kleiweg 80
    Your car cannot stay parked here.
    Deposit: Loading and unloading at P3 against a cash deposit of € 20,-. We ask for a deposit of €20.00 for both a trailer and for the car, because both have to leave the site before 09:45. You will receive a deposit card from the parking employee for this. The deposit will be returned if you leave before 09:45 (P3). Please note that the parking attendant cannot exchange money. To avoid delays at the loading and unloading area, we request that you have a cash deposit of € 20,- ready.
  • Sunday, May 29, 2022: 09:00-09:45
    Where: Loading and unloading area P3 at Lange Kleiweg 80
    Your car cannot stay parked here.
    Deposit: Deposit system is the same as Saturday.
    There is plenty of free parking in the area around De Broodfabriek, and you can also make free use of parking garage P1 (Van Gijnstraat 16, Rijswijk).

Dismantling times:

  • Saturday 28 May after 5:00 pm
    Loading and unloading area P3 at Lange Kleiweg 80
  • Sunday, May 29 after 5:00 pm
    Loading and unloading area P3 at Lange Kleiweg 80 and P2 at Volmerlaan 12, drive up from 5 p.m.

Corona measures

There are currently no more measures for transfer locations. There are no rules that we must abide by.

Participant wristbands

You will receive the participants’ wristbands on arrival via P3 during the build-up on Friday or Saturday morning. Since we consider the safety of our guests and products to be of paramount importance, we want to have good control over who comes in and out. So report to the participant entrance upon arrival and receive the wristbands immediately. In addition, there is strict control at the ticket control, so carry it with you when you leave the hall. Wristbands should be worn on your wrist and should not be left with you.

Participant entrance Saturday and Sunday

The participant entrance for exhibitors can be found via loading and unloading area P3. It is open until 09:45 on exhibition days.

Have you already built up? The main entrance opens for exhibitors onSaturday and Sunday at 09:00 am.
Here you must show your wristband upon arrival. Without a wristband you will not be admitted through the main entrance and you have to walk around to P3.

Roll Containers

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday it is possible to use a roll container for loading and unloading your goods. These roll containers are available at the entrance for the exhibitors. We kindly ask you to put the roll container back outside after use. The roll containers may not remain in the exhibition hall during the exhibition opening hours. Material is available with which you can clean the carts yourself if desired.


The size of the stalls is 3 x 1 meter. All stalls are covered with red awnings. If you want to attach something to/behind the stall, this must be done with clamps. Use of staples, nails, tape, etc. is NOT allowed. The stalls are not torn down. You must bring your own cloth for the stall, make sure that the cloth reaches the ground (or 10cm from the ground) at the front. This benefits the appearance of the fair and prevents visitors from seeing your boxes/crates with stock.


It is not allowed to build out next to your stall and in front of your stall. This is how we keep the 1.5 meter measure. It is also not allowed to leave visitors behind your stall.

Chair Rental

Pre-booked seats will be set up for you at the booth. If you have not reserved seats in advance, these can be rented against cash payment at the catering point between 08:00 – 9:30 a.m. Or during the day at the trade fair organizer. Rental price € 5.00 / deposit € 10.00 per chair. Keep your deposit card safe, without a deposit card the deposit is non-refundable on Sundays at 5 p.m.

Catering Industry

Free coffee and tea is available for exhibitors during the build-up day on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday you can go to the Horecaplaza to buy sandwiches, snacks, sweets and drinks. There is no catering facility on the exhibition floor itself.

Parking and parking garage P1

There is ample free parking in the area around De Broodfabriek. You can also park for free in the parking garage opposite De Broodfabriek P1. The entrance to this garage is located at 16 van Gijnstraat.


If covered, you can leave your belongings from Friday to Sunday. However, De Broodfabriek is not liable for theft or damage before, during or after the fair. The exhibitor will also never be able to claim any compensation or refund of the rent in the event of general force majeure or if the leased property becomes wholly or partly unusable due to fire or any other cause, or if one is forced to close the fair.


It is strictly forbidden to leave waste on the stall. You must take unsold goods with you. You must deposit your waste in the appropriate bins on the loading and unloading area (P3). In the event of non-compliance, you will be charged € 25 service costs.


It is strictly forbidden to allow pets in the hall.


It is not possible to pay your invoice on the exchange. If you have not paid in advance, you will not have access to the fair. Unless it has been discussed with the exhibition organizer.


It is not allowed to play your own music during the fair.


Click here for directions to the Broodfabriek.

We are going to make it another beautiful edition on May the 28th & 29th. If there are any questions, be sure to get in touch. During the exhibition weekend, the organization can be reached on 06-23507171

Kind regards,

 The organisation